Mario Spiler, President MSW RSW Psychotherapist

Mario Spiler, President MSW RSW Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist

Mario Spiler is the President, and Registered Social Worker of M. Spiler Social Work Professional Corporation, and Spiler Psychotherapy™. He has over 35 years of clinical experience in supporting and providing psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and groups. As a broadly trained registered social worker, Mario Spiler has worked in the fields of child welfare, psychiatry, medicine, chronic pain, and rehabilitation. He has taught social work courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Laurentian University and Windsor University, and he was a trainer of Critical Incident Stress Management. Mario Spiler’s clinical acumen span across the treatment models of general psychodynamic, transference-focused psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming and clinical hypnosis.

His treatment skills currently focus mainly on individuals with severe personality disorders with varying levels of functioning. His full-time psychotherapy private practice focuses primarily on treating individuals and couples with severe personality disorders. His current TFP projects involve examining the correspondence between patients’ internal representations and their external reality in significant relationships, and the application of the TFP model to adolescents, couples, and groups.

Tricia Spiler, Vice President of Finance & Operations

Tricia Spiler, Vice President

Tricia oversees the day to day operations of Spiler Psychotherapy™ | M Spiler Social Work Professional Corporation. She is also the main contributor to the private practice development and creating strategic goals and objectives. Tricia also provides both a supportive and collaborative approach to our referral network.